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How it Works

MHR is a community site that is set up to allow everyone to post their hidden treasures and get feedback from the community. We have a mix of both users and appraisers. You will notice the appraisers have badges next to their names and also some have showcase pages within our site. The site is geared to getting people talking about your specific posting. There is no obligation to sell anything on our site and we don’t even get in the middle if you sell it. Just make sure you read the terms of use page and view the section on buying/selling protection.

It’s simple to use and will continue to evolve with feedback from our community of users and appraisers.

How can it be free you ask? We have created this community with help from investors with the plan of making it free to the users. We do charge a small fee for the appraisers but that is only to use extend features of the website to make their hunting experience easier. Sounds simple; the idea should be and we intend to make sure it stays that way.

With word of mouth and guerrilla marketing we are planning on making this site grow. If you had a good experience using our site pass it on. The more people that can join the community and review an item the chances improve that we can find that one expert that really knows what it is worth. We also would like your feedback if we could make it better.

Our community is set up for our users to be able to search for products similar to theirs and to interact with other users and appraisers to get to the bottom of what their hidden treasure are really worth.

If you are interested in become an appraiser on our site, click here to see the benefits of an appraiser account.

Want to just advertise on our site, click here.

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