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About (MHR) is the first site to offer a way for you to find out what your stuff is worth, best of all it is FREE to the user.  The idea came about when my aunt passed away. We were left with all this great stuff but no idea what it was worth and what was the best way to sell the items. We made the mistake of taking it to the local antique dealer and naive as it sounds believed his best offer. This site offers you the ability to show your prized possession and see what the community of MHR has to say about it. There is no pressure to sell it to anyone; we do not take a cut of the sale we are merely trying to help people find a way to get an idea of what it might be worth.

The site is set up with two groups’ users and appraisers. Users are the people that are using the free service to post and review other user’s items. Appraisers are businesses that have been identified as trading in antiques or other products. They have signed up as an appraiser and will get more accessibility to the site and get special features such as their own mini website, yellow page listing and email notification on new items.

As the site continues to grow we will make improvements and add new features. The idea behind the site will remain the same; we want to have a community of users and appraisers that are after on common goal. “To help you get the most for your Hidden Riches.”

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